Digital Formats

VHS, VHS-C and Super VHS

8mm and Hi-8 Tapes

Mini DV and DV Cam

8mm and Super 8mm Film

Ways To Recieve Digital Files

  1. 1
    CDs are an easy way to store small amounts of files not to exceed 700 MB. These are good for backing up music and photos.
  2. 2
    DVDs and Blu-Rays
    DVDs offer digital disc storage, but come in at a larger capacity of 4.6 GB. These are great for videos up to 2 hours. Can be read by DVD players, computers, and other compatible devices(i.e Sony PlayStation Entertainment System) Blu-Ray offers a High-Definition viewing experience with a much larger storage space of either 25 GB or 50 GB.
  3. 3
    *External Devices Flash Drives, SD Cards, and External Hard Drives
    These portable devices make it easy to take your files on the go. Flash Drive: Small Thumb Sized USB device which storage space ranges from 8 GB - 256 GB SD Card: Small Insertable Cartridge 4 GB - 256 GB External Hard Drive: Offers a Large Storage Space up to 8 TB, great for storing thousands of Videos, Photos, and other Media.
  4. 4
    Online Uploads (Drop Box, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.)
    Online Uploads are the easiest way to access, share, and download your files quickly. We also have our own youtube channel where we can display your work if interested. (Publicly or Privately)
*Send us your already existing external devices, or choose from one of our available devices.
Upon arrival of your movies and tapes, we will evaluate the condition of your materials and determine if they are okay for conversion. Any damaged (Fire, water, mold, excessive amounts of torn sprocket holes) can bring detriment to transfer devices, thus making them unsafe for transfers. Should we find any issues, we will issue a partial or full refund as seen fit.​​